You Don't Have To Buy Overly Expensive Graduation Gifts To Make Your Senior Happy

Here are five (5) gift ideas that seniors will surely appreciate and cherish for the rest of their lives! Not to mention, each one costs less than $30, too!

Congratulations, your senior finally made it through high school! He is now ready to move on to the next phase in life - college. But, as an adult, is he fully prepared to tackle the daily challenges life has to offer?

Sadly, we’ll never know for sure, but you can help him with your little ways. On his graduation, why not give him practical gifts that he will be forever thankful for? 

Here are five of our top picks:

  • A Personalized Mug

    Let’s face it: college is not for the faint-hearted. There will be lots of sleepless nights, and coffee will become a staple beverage for all-nighters and hectic schedules. 

    You know your senior will be a bad-ass, so why not give him a mug that he’d be happy to use every single day? Choose from a variety of personalized mugs to match your senior’s personality and style. 

    And, if you’re feeling extra generous, why not slip some $ bills he could use for college? 

  • A Class Shirt

  • Leaving high school for college may be a momentous event, but it also means leaving something behind. Your senior may be looking forward to college, but it would be great if he has something to look back to. 

    Help him preserve his high school memories by giving him a class shirt as a present on his graduation day. A stylish class shirt would also look good with a matching pair of pants and shoes, too! 

  • A Weekend Bag

  • Your senior will be away from home for months, but he will surely visit you every other month or so. 

    All that visiting will take much packing and unpacking. He will surely need a durable bag that will hold all of his weekend stuff. So, why not spare your senior the hassle of spending some money on a weekend bag. Give it as a gift on his graduation day! 

  • Books
  • Your young one needs all the help he can get to become a full-fledged adult. So, why not give him a headstart with some books that he will find useful for his daily college life? 

    Remember, college isn’t just about math, science, and all that jazz. He needs to learn how to be street-smart, too! 

  • Personalized Jewelry

  • Your senior making it to college is a big deal, not just for you but also for the rest of the family. So, why not mark this special event with a gorgeous and stylish piece of jewelry? That personalized touch would surely make your gift extra special. 

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