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To The Graduating Class Of 2018

To The Graduating Class of 2018

As the end of my senior year quickly approaches, I'm inundated by feelings; joy, bliss, nostalgia, and also total excitement for future years. Of course, I'm also a bit fearful of what's to come, but let's be real, who isn't? Looking back at the previous four years of my own life, I will honestly say I have become a completely different person from who I had been at first of this particular journey. I believe this relates to every one of my peers in a certain aspect. Senior high school has instructed us many valuable lessons, also given us experiences to return for the remainder of our own lives. This is where we've found that we truly are; we've heard what type of individuals we like to surround ourselves together and we've established our own special style which makes us feel proud to be us. In addition, the lessons we've learned out of our education are all irreplaceable. While I am not the commencement speaker at my graduation, listed below are a few things that I would say to my graduating class...

Congratulations. Each and every one of us should be so happy with ourselves. We have overcome countless hurdles during this specific experience; conclusion, challengesand peer pressure and even the pressure we put on ourselves to get at this time. From sleep deprived nights, into the fantasies that sounded impossible to wake up from, we have pushed ourselves to do our best and get the success we're now being recognized for.

Do not let fear stop you from dancing. The greatest mistake a person could make is letting their potential go to waste - such as settling for work it doesn't leave them eager to return back the next day or giving up on the dream which they had chased since before they'd even heard to conduct. The prospect of failure will always be frightening, but don't allow possibility of defeat keep you from winning the very precious trophy of your happiness. You will regret the chances that you did not take, a lot more than the people that you did. And I am not just discussing the amorous, lovey-dovey kind. Fall deeply in love with everything you opt to do in life. Really like the work you have, and if you don't, find one which you will.

Love your home you are fortunate enough to stay in and love your neighbors if they get on your nerves at times. Be thankful for the air you breathe, the more ground you walk on, and everything in between. Most of all, love your self. You're going to be surprised at how far this love goes.

Never quit learning. Never stop looking for new ways to grow, and fill the mind with sets out of the truth you know only through studying novels, to the things you will find just by analyzing the people around you. You're never too young or too old learn something even something about yourself. Your greatest passion in life might still be waiting to fit you in the future.



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