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40+ Best Class of 2019 Slogans, Sayings & Quotes | My Class Shop

40 + Best Class of 2019 slogans for shirts

Our huge collection of class of 2019 slogans is here. We have included different sayings, quotes and slogans. All of them can be used for t-shirt designs or any class work and activities you have. Most of the seniors used them to create different senior apparel which makes them different from the crowd. As you will see below most of them are funny and catchy so go ahead and used them!

1. Lookin Fine, The Clas of 1-9!

2. Doin' It B19!

3. Forget The Rest, Class of 2019 Is The Best!

4. Watch Me Wh19!

5. If At First You Don't Succeed, Then You're Not Us - Class Of 2019!

6. We Are The Future - Class Of 2019!

7. C1ass Of Swa9!

8. It's Our Time - Class Of 2-0-1-9!

9. It's Our Time To Shine, Class Of One-Nine!

10. 2-0-1-9 The Time Will Be Mine!

11. The futures' a bright thing, for the class of '19.

12. We Swerved. We Twerked. Now We Gotta Find Work. Class Of 2019!

13. The best you've ever seen, class of 2019!

14. Class of one-nine are divine. Shout it loud and let us shine!

15. Being us and having fun, class of 2019 is #1.

16. Our future is looking serene, we're the class of 2019!

17. So much hassle for 2019 tassel!

18. Have No Fear - The Class Of 2019 Is Here!

19. We Did It For The Vine, We're The Class Of 20 one-nine!

20. We're the class you love to hate, the class of 2019 sure are the great!

21. Class of 2019 break the mold, our class is as good as gold !

22. The Class Of 2019 Is A Blast, A Class Like Ours Is Unsurpassed !

23. Step aside while we rock the scene. Class of 2019 reigns supreme.

24. Forget The Rest Class Of 2019 Is The Best!

25. We're making the grade, we're livin the dream, class of 2019 reigns supreme.

26. Truth be told class of 2019 breaks the mold!

27. We're like stars & we shall shine, we are the class of twenty one-nine!

28. It took 2019 years to get a class this great.

29. Goodbye, we're leaving it all behind, farewell from class twenty one-nine.

30. Take a second glance, at class of 2019 while you still have the chance!

31. Finally the end of the line, let's hear it one time for twenty one-nine.

32. A class like ours you can't find, the class of 2019 is one of a kind!

33. Move on up! Make your mark! Class of 2019 has got the spark!

34. We're good as gold, we're oh so bold, class of 2019 breaks the mold!

35. SEN19R

36. Original class of 2019, satisfaction guaranteed!

37. We're Sexy & We're Fine. Call Us The Class of 1-9!

38. Straight Outta 2019!

39. We're fresh & so clean, because we are the class of 2k19!

40. We're fresh & so clean, because we are the class of 2k19!

41. Never again to be seen is the class of '19.

42. We hustled all year, we lived for the grind. Now we get to say cheers to the class of 1-9!

43. Del19Htful!

44. Watch me Wh19!

45. So Fresh, So Clean, We're The Class Of 2019!

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