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8 senior class of 2017 graduation gifts ideas. Check out our collections.



MyClassShop.com is Shopify online store, that provides classy, funny, awesome and most of all … unique designed graduation gifts. You won't see our products in regular markets because everything in our store is genuine. You can choose from 2017 class rings & other jewelry to different senior apparel and senior class shirts.


If you want to see our full list of products for class of 2017, please visit:

Here you can see our graduation gift ideas:

1.  Senior class rings.


The most popular products from our jewelry are our class of 2017 rings.

Check out our senior class rings collection here:

2. Gift for graduation- unique bracelets.


Another jewelry? Maybe the class of 2017 bracelets?

Check out our wonderful bracelets bellow:

3. Classy necklaces.

Another type of products in our senior class gifts collection are our necklaces.
We have good variety of unique- design models, perfect graduation gift for her.


4. Graduation decorations.


Do you like our graduation cake topper?
You can order it with a custom name and text.
No doubt this is a cool item for a graduation gift.

Reach it in our store if you feel like that's it !

5. Senior class shirts.


Our senior class t shirts are with unique design, that you can’t meet elsewhere.We are able to create custom shirts designs for your graduation.
We love to craft custom graduation t shirts for you. 

Just reach us on our website.

6. Other graduation apparel.


We offer not only shirts but a full collection senior class apparel for graduating seniors.

Do you like this hoodie ?

Check out the collection.

7. Wireless Car Door Laser Projector Class of 2017.


This toy is amazing graduation gift that you can make.
It is cool innovation for cars, every grad senior will like.

If you don't seek clothing for graduation gift, this is perfect choice.

8. Phone cases for the class of 2017.


Another interesting grad gift, that will personalize your grad pall’s phone for the grad parties and moments. All the cases are with an unique MyClassShop design.

If you want to make some custom design for you, just reach us.

Thanks for checking our class of 2017 gift ideas!

Hope you’ve found what you seek with this article.

If you need some assistance for picking something,

just reach us and say ‘Hi'!

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