5 Tips To Help You Win New Friends In College


So, you're finally leaving high school for college, and you're now on your way to making your dreams a reality. Way to go, and congratulations!


Now that you've completed and passed the challenges in high school, are you ready to take on the next ones?

We know you're nervous, perhaps even anxious about moving to college. You'll be exposed to a different environment; classes will become even more challenging. You'll meet different people. Above all, you'll be away from your loved ones and your close friends back at home - most of the time.


We know it's a lot to process at first, but you can make college a little better in the company of your new friends.

Don't know how to make new ones? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Here are some tips to help you win some new friends over:


Conquer your fears.

Making new friends is scary. You might think it's a terrible idea, but we beg to disagree. The fear is all in your head. Just go out there and forget about your fears. Fear will only lead you to inaction - nothing else.


Socialize often.

More people will know about you if you give yourself some 'exposure.' You don't have to make it complicated - join dorm meetings, participate in class discussions, eat with your classmates, and bond over food. Be an active club member. You could even get involved in sports or any other extracurricular activity.

If you do these activities more often, you'll surely find individuals who share the same interests and hobbies as you are.


Harness the silent art of small talk.

If you're an introvert, small talk could be a pain. But, it usually helps you move on to the next conversation with a potential friend. So, while it's still early, master this skill. It will surely take you to greater heights!


Be nice to everybody.

Being genuinely nice and kind to people will not only create a good impression but also make it easy for other people to open up to you. Once people sense that you're kind to them, they'll want to return the favor. They'll be kind to you, too!

Start being nice by smiling at the people you meet. Make it a habit.


Be genuine.

Don't make a pretense on what you're really not. Everybody hates a faker. Once other people see that you're honest with yourself, they'll be drawn in. So, don't put on a facade, and just be you.


When in college, having new friends are little wins on its own. If you've finally made one - celebrate! You're getting there.

Of course, your old high school friends way back at home are as valuable as your new friends. You may be getting new ones in college, but it doesn't mean you're leaving them behind.


Let your old high school friends know that you will always be their friend - no matter what. Let them know you love them. Surprise them with these beautiful gifts that they will surely cherish forever.

Enjoy college!