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35+ Best Class of 2020 Quotes, Sayings & Slogans



If you’re looking for the best class of 2020 graduation slogans or quotes, you’re in the right place! Choose from our list of fun, fresh quotes, and stand out on your big day.


1. We're Here, And We’re Finally Free! We Are The Class Of 2020!
2. Not Keeping It Low-Key, The Class Of 2020!
3. North, South, East, Or West, The Class Of 2020 Is The Best!
4.The 20/20 Experience
5. Soon, We’ll Be Driving A Bentley. Success Awaits The Class Of 2020!
6. Living Young And Wild And 2020
7. Forget The Rest, 2020 Is The Best
8. Who Runs The World? Class Of 2020!
9. I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Graduating In ’20, Too!
10. What’s Better Than Rihanna’s Fenty? Graduating In 2020!
11. The Class Of 2020 Is Legendary
12. We Are Revolutionary. Give It Up For The Class Of 2020
13. We’re Not Ordinary; We’re The Class Of 2020
14. Wow, It’s Graduation Already? I Guess We’re The Class Of 2020!
15. You Can Be Anything You Want To Be When You Graduate With The Class Of 2020
16. Who Is Extraordinary? The Class Of 2020!
17. Finally Free: Class Of 2020
18. Our Awesomeness Is Plenty; We Are The Class Of 2020
19. We're Cool, And We're Trendy. We Are The Class Of 2020!
20. Throw Some Confetti For The Graduating Class Of 2020!
21. Failure Is Not A Word In The Dictionary Of The Graduating Class Of 2020!
22. Bye-Bye School! It’s Time For The Class Of 2020 To Conquer The World!
23. “Everybody Grew Up So Fast, Another Generation’s Passed…But It Still Feels Like Home To Me.” (2020) (this fantastic slogan refers to the popular song, "last summer," that refers to the last year of school, after which most students leave their hometown-a sentimental quote for a sentimental time.)
24. Wait For It: Legen-2020-Dary
25. We Laughed, And We Cried, Now It’s 2020 And Time To Say Goodbye
26. I’ve Got A Great Personality Because I’m From The Batch Of 2020
27. I’m Going On A Spree Because I’m Graduating In 2020!
28. Don’t You See? It’s 2020! Time To Graduate
29. From School We Shall Flee, We Are The Class Of 2020
30. Thank You For The Memories: 2020
31. Always Remember: Graduating Class Of 2020
32. Wap With Fetty, Graduate In 2020
33. 2-020-HOTLINEBLING (this slogan serves as a tribute to a popular song everyone in the graduating class has heard and loves!)
34. It Was The Summer Of ’20 (A fun twist to the classic song, “Summer of ’69”)
35. 20/20: The Future Is Clear
36. Graduation: 2020% Done
37. Just Do It – 2020
38. Our Time Has Come: Class Of 2020
39. “Toto, I’ve Got A Feeling We’re Not In School Anymore” – Class Of 2020 (this wizard of Oz themed quote will revive old memories. The movie was a hit during the childhood of all 2020 graduates.)
40. May The Force Be With You: Graduates Of 2020
41. Let’s Get This Bread: Class Of 2020 (this slogan serves as an ode to popular meme culture.)



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