Ultimate guide for graduation gifts choosing, by MyClassShop.com ®


What are the most popular graduation gifts
out there, what should you choose?

/One MyClassShop.com article, that will not only help you choose
graduation gift, but will make your graduation remarkable./

Every single grad guy or lady deserve unique graduation gift. We from MyClassShop.com know that perfectly.
Over the last few years, we’ve created tons of unique designs for our shirts, jewelry, and other grad presents, helping you pick up the best and classy present for this moment.

If you seek for graduation gifts for your best friend, or for yourself, you are at the right place!

MyClassShop.com is your friend in choosing classy or funny graduation gifts.

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I. Decide what gift you want to buy. 
/or at least reduce the options with our suggestions later in this article/.


Choosing a propper graduation gifts is easy actually.
Combine the knowledge of the person for whom is the gift and our offers bellow.

1. Graduation t shirts. 

You can see our top 5 graduation t shirts for him and for her bellow.
Some of the offered shirts are for the class of 2017, if you graduate different year,
mention it our shirts are fully customizable and can be prepared for your personal graduation year.

For full T shirt graduation collection, visit our website here.

1.1. Graduation T shirts- perfect graduation gift for her.


1.2. Graduation T shirts- awesome graduation gift for him.
Do you seek for graduation presents for boyfriends?


2. Graduation bracelets.
Special offer from our graduation jewelry.

Let us introduce our graduation bracelets lane. Or at least some of them.
You may see full collections per year on our website.
A graduation bracelets are good gifts for grad students and high school grads.


3. Graduation necklaces. A classy gift for grad students or seniors.
Graduating seniors just love them.


Visit our store for more necklaces.

4. Graduation rings. Classy option from our graduation jewelry.

Our college class rings and senior class rings are one of the most stylish graduation gifts that you may find out in web space. We offer personalized graduation rings by year and name. See our college class rings high school class rings in our MyClassShop.com jewelry.

Click the picture to reach this ring in store!


5. Seek for cheap graduation gifts? Maybe a phone case?


Do you have a small budget for your planned graduation gifts?

Here you can find more graduation phone cases.


6. What do you think about graduation plush bear?

This is the most wanted from all kindergarten graduation presents,
but you can buy it for graduating senior or for a girlfriend also.
Check out the price in store if you’ve liked it! 


7. Already decided? So you may need one of our graduation gift boxes?

Every single grad gift seems way more classy with one of our graduation gift boxes.
Check them out by clicking the picture.


8. And the last but not least… graduation gift cards.

Another great addition to your graduation gifts.
Later in this article,you can see some good graduation wishes ideas also.


II. Choose an awesome graduation wishes for your gift cards.


Check out our grad wishes ideas and save time writing your gift card.

There is a new beginning for each end

And every past remembrance is a dream forward.

Congratulation and graduation

This cycle of your life!


Happy graduation,

I wish you much success in life,

A successful career start and many friends,

To support you!


Happy graduation!

Wishes for many successes in life.

Be confident in yourself and keep learning,

Because all our lives are a doctrine!


Happy graduation!

The lessons do not end with the last bell!

Successful old in life!


Happy graduation!

Forget the bad moments,

Controls, exams and pairs!

This is past, the greatest moments are ahead now.


Congratulations on your completion.

Education is the key to unlocking

Of new doors in life.

Let's get what you've learned and your diploma

They help you advance your life.


Happy graduation!

You are no longer a boy. You become a man - responsible and stronger than ever. Be confident in the path of life!


Happy graduation!

Let the rays of the sun show all the beauty of a real princess - your beautiful face, great ball dress and smiling face!


Happy graduation!

Be the princess of the prom, the most desirable girl and hope to find your great love!


Happy graduation,

I wish you a lot of success in life, a successful career start and many friends to support you!


III. Take thematic graduation t shirts for all family members.

Our graduation t shirts for a family are a great addition for your graduation celebration.
Check them out bellow. Samples are for class of 2017, but we can prepare
unique design graduation shirts for a custom year, so don’t hesitate to reach us if you’ve liked this graduation gifts idea.

If you like some of our family shirts, just click the picture to reach it in store.

1. “Mom” graduation shirt.


2. “Dad” graduation shirt.


3. “Sister” graduation shirt.


4. “Grandpa” graduation t shirt.


5. “Grandma” graduation t shirt.


6. “Aunt” graduation t shirt.


IV. Take party shirts for class and friends.

One of the most important parts of every single graduation is … Party of course!
That's why we’ve prepared a variety of unique designs- special party edition.
Our party graduation shirts offer:


or ...

V. Create an awesome social posts with graduation quotes.

This is our second collection of graduation quotes. To see the first one, please visit this link.

This second graduation quotes edition, like the first one, is fully t shirt printable and customizable, to match you preferable colors and design.

1. funny graduation quotes.

funny-graduation-quotes- 1
funny-graduation-quotes- 2
funny-graduation-quotes- 3
funny-graduation-quotes- 4

2. short graduation quotes.

short-graduation-quotes- 1
short-graduation-quotes- 2
short-graduation-quotes- 3
short-graduation-quotes- 4

3. some other graduation quotes.

Other-graduation-quotes- 1
other-graduation-quotes- 2
other-graduation-quotes- 3
other-graduation-quotes- 4
other-graduation-quotes- 5

If you've liked some of our graduation quotes, you can use them not only for social posts,
but we can create unique design, fully customizable T shirt with it! Just tell us your idea!

VI. Be creative. Pick decorations to create an awesome party atmosphere.

We have taken this idea from our friends PartyCity, special thanks to them!
Check out their wonderful graduation decorations:


And the last piece graduation decoration …
our fully customizable top cake.


VII. Personalize your phone.
 With backgrounds and grad phone cases.

And to be everything thematically oriented, our last piece of the puzzle is …
turn your phone into graduation phone with:

1. Grad phone cases with an unique MyClass design.
/You won’t find them on eBay./


2. Graduation phone & PC backgrounds.
/We’ve collected some cool pictures for you to re-paint even your devices for grad moments./



That was our "Ultimate graduation gifts guide". We hope you've found in it at least 1 good idea that will make your graduation moments more special. Don't hesitate to say us 'Hi' and talk to us!